The Magnifying Glass and The Telescope | p/art, Hamburg, Germany September 2014

This installation consists of two parts. The Telescope is based on pieces of natural disasters that happened over the last 100 years around the world. They were created by looking at them from a "far away" perspective, and not based on personal experience. In my recent exhibitions I dealt with the idea of memory and it's transformation through the passage of time. I came to the subject of natural disasters because they change reality immediately. After all physical memories and belongings are destroyed, it requires the person to remember what was, to build a new reality and to deal with the void and the missing.

In the past few months the disaster "came close" and turned into my reality. The Magnifying Glass stands for a man maid disaster and trauma. The 'resolution' of the wall piece is much closer and with much more uncertainty, it does not allow "a step back" to see an individual person or tragedy, but it creates a gap of misunderstanding and draws a picture of a general human condition. And maybe even stands isolated from the context (magnifying glass). It does not tell a story of a person, a party, a side or a house, but is a metaphor of a state of mind: On one hand, it depicts people who are struggling to pass from one side to the other from the unknown to the unknown, from void to void, from the missing to the missing, from absence to absence. This negative space is all around us, within us, beneath us, above us and in-between us, and we actually need to learn to accept this space and not try to fill it or run away, because it is something necessary for movement and new creation. On the other hand, it also reveals the feeling of collective support, aid and human unity.