around the cracks | sommer frische kunst, KUNSTRESIDENZ, bad gastein, austria - July 2015

"I’m looking at the crack in the wall, which is so far away from the place where I usually work in. Around the crack and daily life happens. We all share the same struggle. Observing familiar objects from different perspectives works like our memory that often reveals our version of the story. We remember selective parts and fragments of the picture, the same way we tell our story. We are made out of patched fragments from different times and places that create whom we are. The crack in the wall is the border that controls our sub-consciousness. The small images that are cut out in a part of the paper simulate the way our memory works. The paper stashed in the cracks stand for the spoken and the unspoken, the seen and the unseen, often covering the gap we need to fill. We try to hide our fragility stuffing the crack with memories we do not want to remember. But to no avail. The paper, like time stashes up in every corner it can rest".