Books & Objects

Through the personification of the paper which she explores, Noa outlines the transition of the bald object becoming a tattooed subject and vice versa, by having the complete paper undergo a progressive deterioration which creates a new perspective and gives it an autonomic presence.

In her works Noa investigates the space between the memory and reality, and aims to take the viewer through a reflexive personal memory quest, raising questions regarding its engraving in the same consciousness. The visual world draws a search for meanings in objects that reflect passing moments.

Those slight pieces of memory are placed inside inanimate objects over paper cuts creating a mosaic, integrated with the inner and outer landscape, therefore, the objects becoming the link between the inside and outside, acting as a magical cycle. The gathering into universal imagery located within the building blocks of the concept of "home" give the viewer a sense of belonging, equivalent to the experience of the present, which conducts an ongoing dialogue with the past and the future.