modern portrait | art cologne 'new position' with sabine knust galerie, cologne, germany - april 2018

In this installation Yekutieli continues to examine the tension between disasters, both natural and manmade, and the notion of belonging. An intersection that raises the question of her ongoing research; how narratives, of all forms, are shaped by memories. By creating the silhouette wall of nations, Yekutieli reconstructs borders and maps out this firmly established physical language in her own way. The piece portrays these countries as abstract forms, not according to their geographical relations to one another in order to redefine given structures and therefore, familiar narratives. ‘Modern Portrait’ offers a metaphysical look on the most physical aspect of our being - Earth, Land, Territory. Placing the countries out of context allows Yekutieli to explore the idea of narrative replacement, a potential process in which one can understand the other.