What today is the meaning of foreign, the meaning of Homeland? When the homeland becomes foreign, the foreign becomes the Homeland - Thomas Mann

The starting point for the current undertaking of artist Noa Yekutieli is her place of residence, Israel. There, she developed her focus on issues of borders, memory and trauma, and political narratives. Working with manual paper cutting, photography, and site-specific installations, Yekutieli generates spaces that center around her dialogue with her viewer and question perspective, narratives, and reality. Each installation is composed by works that are part of a series; each series includes six works, that evolve out of one another, and correspond with one another. Yekutieli’s series are developed simultaneously, over the course of four years; following her encounter with the spaces and places she creates installations in, the artist takes visual elements and weaves them into pieces that are the next stages in a series evolution. Each series results in a multi-layered work - a manual paper cutting piece or an installation - that offers a glimpse into the way we construct and develop narratives, memories. By means of appearance and disappearance, adding and subtracting information and details Yekutieli creates new, alternate ‘realities’ that question the perception of broader notions of borders, identity, and place.