the other side | public art instillation, downtown los angeles - 2017-2018

now art la

'The Other Side' is an eight plate laser-cut plexiglass installation installed in DTLA in partnership with Now Art LA and The First United Methodist Church. As an artist that focuses and explores questions of memory in relations to the way we build personal narratives and broader narratives; both social and political, I always find it interesting to examine a story from the past and to find its relevance and accuracy in the present. When I was first offered to create an alternative 'Nativity Scene' in which aims to engage relevant social and political questions of today's time I knew that I want to tell the story from the the women's side of the story; Mary. In the creation of this piece I met and interviewed two young women (Darla and Ashanti) who are currently pregnant and without a home. Darla and Ashanti were incorporated into the piece in order to portray them as the figures of Mary and her cousin Elizabeth.By telling their story and mirroring them to the biblical narrative I raise questions of our responsibility as a community and as individuals towards the 'other'; whoever it may be in any given situation.

First stage

second stage