uncontainable | ein Hod, Israel January - May 2015

The installation "Uncontainable" consist of manual paper-cut pieces, paper silhouettes and rope. They are based on press photographs of buildings and houses that were destroyed in Gaza during 'Operation Protective Edge' in the past summer 2014. In this installation the artist continues to document the destruction of man made and natural disasters around the world. Yekutieli observes and examines the way we remember and process these images of ruins, how we reduce, change and translate them when the event continues to lay further and further in the past.

The installations consists of characters framing a wall-piece. In the central wall- piece Yekutieli deals with the terrible scenes depicted by the media images through selecting only a part of the original photograph without human figures.

The detailed cutouts allow no rest for the eye or mind. However, through the translation of the hands of Yekutieli, these photographed images become 'aesthetic mirrors', which allow the viewer to look at them longer than at the original press photographs, as they are too familiar to capture our sight. The artist sees the tragedy of the two side: Israel and Palestine and the common destiny that links the two nations. Presenting scenes of destruction offers both sides to reflect and re-examine the situation. The characters that are pulling the rope are anonymous characters symbolising both sides and thus are representing the dynamics of any kind of conflict. (Between mothers and children, lovers, man and nature, between a man and him self etc.) Each party is pulling to his direction, winning the tug of war would cause the other side to fall, equal strength on both sides will create a static and stubborn situation. This is a dangerous circle with no conclusion and no resolving point that mostly creates an endless state of enmity and destruction.