While They Were Moving, They Were Moved

(Based on a true story)

'While They Were Moving, They Were Moved (Based on a True Story)' deals with the layered reality of how we define the notion of 'truth', what brought us to where we are and what is considered a 'true story’.

By using translucent paper as a medium for the photographs in the book, their overlaying with the paper cuts functions as an attempt of trying to 'break down' moments into layers; into the fiber of what composes the reality.

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YMCK offset print (A.R. Printing LTD) 

23.5x30 cm

84 paper, varnished Tatami paper 150 gr.

16 paper, varnished translucent paper, 110 gr.

Hard cover laminated cardboard with black canvas spine and overlap.  

Hebrew text by Israeli writer, Sapir Prize winner; Sara Shilo. 

Addition: 500.

The book is self published and produced with the support of the Israeli Lottery Council for Culture and Arts.